Clouskep Netdrive Overview

There are lots of places to store digital files online, whether they’re photos, videos, music files or documents. If you’re prepared to pay for a great service, try Netdrive.

There seems to be an ever-increasing number of places where we can store our digital files online, whether they’re photos, videos, music files or documents. If you’re looking for superior quality and are prepared to pay, try newcomer Netdrive. It has three price offerings: €79 per year for 500GB, €99 per year for 1TB and €149 per year for 2TB all packets with unlimited PCs.


Instead of picking a particular type of file to focus on, Netdrive embraces the concept that you might be storing all sorts of things online – anything that might appear in the Documents folder on your computer. You can access the folder from any PC via the web or map it to a drive, so it works like an external hard disk that just happens to be on the internet. You can share your files with others, play music, video and picture slideshows from anywhere, and integrate it with other services like Facebook photos and Zoho documents etc.


Netdrive’s aim is to replace your Documents folder altogether, not just run alongside it. This is a bold and ambitious plan but it’s breaking new ground by aiming so high. It stores files both locally and online, which speeds up the process of editing them. However, there’s no automatic upload at the moment – you have to choose the files to add to the system.

Ease of use:

The interface is functional but it’s not particularly attractive. However, this doesn’t make it hard to use – if you can use Windows to move files around and a web browser to view websites, you aren’t going to struggle with this.

Value for money:

Netdrive is bucking the trend by not offering a free version and this will undoubtedly reduce the number of people who will give it a go. However, it does mean that the service isn’t going to get clogged up with people on the hunt for freebies who don’t actually care that much about it. You also get things that you wouldn’t normally expect, like telephone support. Break the annual payments down into yearly amounts and it seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay for a service that’ll let you access your files wherever you are.

Cloudskep Netdrive Description

  • A virtual drive on cloud that will sync files you move/copy in it between all of your office PCs and Macs (with same a/c)
  • View/Edit/Download/Upload files from anywhere online via pc, using web browser (at or on the move with our iOS, Windows 8 & Android apps.


  • Share files with friends & family or within & outside the business directly clicking on a file/directory or from web portal & mobile apps:
  • Cloudskep will email user with the special direct link to your files shared, if they are existing users of Cloudskep your shared files also appear on their web portal shared space.
  • Easily track what is shared, with whom and modify it – choose to save shared contacts for easier future sharing.  Choose to disallow sharing for specific Netdrives

File Versioning:

  • Keep up to 30 versions of the same file, revert to any version with one click.
  • Undelete (restore) any file up to 30 days after deletion from the web portal.
  • No Bandwidth use / Transfer Speed or File Size limits  (there is a file size limit only for web uploads  up to 2Gb, use the desktop client if required)


  • your music and movies straight from Cloudskep on web or mobile (supported audio/video versions

Mobile Apps Limits:

  • can view Photos/ Documents of up to 10MB, cannot stream Music/Videos with DRM or not supported by mobile OS
  • No pc installation limits & no 30 days limit to keep files – restrictions that apply to backup service.
  • Use the Netdrive service without installing the desktop software.

Desktop Features:

  • Setup max bandwidth to use, encrypt the transfers (default), enable LAN transfers for pc’s within the same network & same Netdrive a/c to save bandwidth.
  • Encrypt actual files on your Netdrive on local pc so no one can view them when offline (need to be connected to work on your files).
  • Fast & efficient live background synch, choose which files or folders to download on specific pc to save space.
  • It will by default auto start on boot and auto login to the account (you can choose not to). When logged and running software also allows.
  • Auto login to the web portal (via default browser). Requires Windows XP or later, and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later.


  • Increase the Netdrive storage by 0.5 or 1 Tbyte for a low yearly fee.

CloudSkep Backup VS Netdrive comparison:

  1. On Backup the pc’s backed up under a user account  & the source of files are mirrored to the Cloud storage where on Netdrive  the network folder is the source mirrored to the pc’s/apps accessing the service.
  2. Backup has 30 days limit  to keep non synch files –  if a PC is not log in to the software in that period and perform a synchronization check then backups from specific pc is deleted. Netdrive has no such requirement.
  3. Backup has not any file editing/uploads/folder creation, reorganization via web or mobile apps, the files are only cloud backed up by the software and you can only open, edit and reorganize them directly from a pc.
  4. Backup has no sharing, Netdrive support sharing of files via email links.
  5. Changes to Netdrive content is distributed live to all pc’s/apps with same account.
  6. With backup, file updates of each pc are in depended within the same account & file synch is done on the timing selected in the software (by default is set per 1 hour, can be also set to live but strictly not recommended because of high memory usage).
  7. On Desktops the network Netdrive folder will appear & allow you to work on your files when software is logged in, backup has no such limit.
  8. Backup has no cloud size limits (except Pro) where Netdrive has size restrictions according to plan.
  9. Netdrive has no pc’s limit where Backup has pc’s limit per user account and plan. From the Backup packets only biz unlimited does not include this limit and again this is for main user account only (backups are shared between pc’s when only one account is used)
  10. You can have the Netdrive service without installing the desktop software using web browser anywhere.

Any special cloud backup configurations can be made on request.

Attention Notes:

  • Backup is mirrored copy of the files/folders you select;
  • Netdrive Backup are not to be used for archiving.
  • You must at all times hold an original copy of the data in the original location on the system it was backed up from.
  • If files deleted from computer that have been backed up the corresponding backup will be removed from cloud servers.
  • 30 days are given to restore deleted files.