Cloudskep Pro Solution

  • Pro completely replaces File server needs within an organization,  allows you to control everything online from your business admin portal.
  • Includes all the features of Backup & Netdrive  with user customized cloud size, access limits & feature sets.
  • Additionally NAS addon is included and user account backups are not shared.
  • Administrator can set which users have private Netdrives,  Backup service for up to unlimited pc’s, read/write access to Team folders  and set their sizes.

Deleted files:

  • Keep & restore up to 30 days any deleted file, restore from software directly or download from web portal.

Admin has “view As user” feature over admin web portal

  • Organization has its sharing portal at, can brand the web portal and sharing/private pages with their logo & colours
  • Can provide access to specific user accounts on cloud space using FTP, SFTP and WebDAV (e.g. for automate server backups without Cloudskep software).
  • Setup Team Folders (sub Netdrives with users rights) for group working and collaboration. Provide access to specific users with specific rights
  • Cloudskep Pro starts with 2 users (1 administrator)

Extras: Add Users or Cloud storage at 1Tbyte chunks for a low yearly fee. Backup storage within Pro counts towards the overall Cloud size – can be upgraded up to 10 TB.