For Resellers

  1. Resellers charge their own yearly/setup fees should provide support and billing to their clients, Logosnet will be invoicing in bulk second level of support to the resellers only.
  2. If the reseller wants us to provide the installation support and billing, then reseller will get only the commission once according to the price list yearly prices – Reseller prices.
  3. There is a recommended reseller price range so as the prices would still be very competitive if a customer compares it to e.g Dropbox Vs Netdrive.
  4. Resellers are strictly forbidden to use e.g additional a/c or same a/c with multiple pc’s licenses on separate organizations.
  5. In case the Reseller will undertake client set up, then the reseller responsibility is to explain the shared backup visibility to the customers. In this way the customer will be able to choose the correct package.
  6. It is also required that customers are asked to change their logins before installing software in order to avoid privacy issues.


  • Setup fees are applicable only if a visit is needed for the installation of software to client’s computers and to provide basic training.
  • Custom pricing depends on the Number of pc’s , accounts etc
  • Home plan is strictly for personal use, no NAS, additional a/c or pc’s, no invoicing will be provided and account name has to be on a physical person.
  • Prices are per year. Customers have 2 weeks to cancel accounts and get full refund on yearly fees. LogosNet invoice should be paid at 30 days after invoice date.
  • Test accounts can be provided for backup only service.

General info for Cloudskep:

  • After upload files are encrypted/replicated on different storage servers and data centers in EU.
  • File Transmission between client software and the cloud is by default encrypted, access to web portal can be made over https protocol.
  • You may reset your password from web portal, system will send an email to the account’s email address with a link to password reset page.
  • Logosnet has no access over raw storage files (which are encrypted anyway), files are accessible only when logged to account via web, pc software and apps.
  • Mobile apps run under the Open Access brand (the brand operates the software).

For more information please contact us 22-745000 or